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Steve Ball, Technical Services Manager for Allur, answers explains why the brand has come to market, what it offers and its USPs.

Why have you brought Allur composite decking to the UK market?

The outdoor living trend has dominated over the past two years spurring significant growth in the composite decking, which now accounts for 25% of the decking market compared with 17% in 2019.

Allur appeals to consumers, retailers and landscaping professionals who want premium design, long-lasting quality and low maintenance at an attractive price point. It’s also an eco-friendly purchase with its high recycled plastic and wood fibre content.

What’s included in the Allur range?

Allur offers a complete decking solution comprising 3600mm x 148mm hollow doubled-sided boards in seven fashionable colours, alongside fascia boards, corner edging strips, plastic T clips, starter clips and screws, as well as composite joists of 3000mm x 50mm.

What are the key benefits of Allur?

Not all composite manufacturers offer a complete decking solution like we do. Allur assures busy tradespeople of a no-hassle purchase, and no-hassle fit from a single supplier.

The range also offers an industry leading 25-year warranty, along with accreditations and certifications including BS EN 15534-1:2014 and slip and fire resistance.

Allur is also quick and easy to install using standard woodworking tools. The boards are lighter to handle and carry than timber alternatives and at 12ft long can be easily transported to jobs on top of the van.

What makes Allur so easy to install?

Allur uses a T-clip system which simply screws into place in between the decking boards and secures the board via the built-in side groove. The T-clips also allow for the natural expansion which occurs with composite decking due to its recycled plastic content.

For an average 2m by 3m decking area, the Allur system reduces installation time by up to 15% compared to timber systems or composite systems without T-clips.

We offer a comprehensive installation manual, backed by online technical support from a team of experts.

Are there any other USPs?

With Allur, all visible components are fully colour-matched to each board colour, ensuring a high-end look in the attention to detail.

The range reflects the latest design trends, and we are first to market with a fashionable Sage deck board. We also offer Charcoal, Gunmetal and Silver Grey, Graphite, Caramel and Chocolate. The boards have a double-sided finish comprising a contemporary grooved side and a more traditional woodgrain side, giving the scope for bespoke mix and match designs.

Are eco-friendly products important to consumers?

The ‘Attenborough Effect’ has made people more conscious of their impact on the environment and they are now more interested in buying products that are kinder to the planet. Allur offers a sound, environmentally conscious purchase as the boards feature a high recycled plastic and wood fibre content. At the end of their 25-year lifespan, the boards are also fully recyclable.


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