Small Garden Decking Ideas

Embracing the great outdoors needn’t be compromised by the size of your garden. Regardless of the square footage, your outdoor space is a haven that can be transformed into a spectacular arena. Small gardens can be made more appealing and functional with the intelligent use of decking. 

At Allur, we have compiled a list of innovative small garden decking ideas to inspire your next home improvement project.

Multi-Level Decking

Embrace the contours of your garden to add visual interest and depth to your outdoor space. If your garden has an incline, an awkward corner, or even just a small flat area, multi-level decking can help you optimise every inch. A stepped deck design creates distinctive ‘zones’ for varied activities like outdoor dining, sunbathing, or a spot of gardening. The differing heights add an architectural element that elevates the overall aesthetic of your garden.

Decorative Edging

Add a touch of sophistication to your garden by using contrasting colours or materials for your decking edges. For example, a pale deck rimmed with a darker hue creates an elegant border and draws the eye. For night-time ambience and enhanced safety, consider integrating lighting into your deck’s edges. Solar-powered LED lights are an eco-friendly choice that provides a soft, inviting glow without the need for wiring.

Built-In Seating

To save space and maintain a clean, streamlined look, incorporate built-in seating into your decking design. The area under the seats can even be utilised as additional storage for garden tools and cushions.

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Planters and Greenery

Introducing planters into your decking design can be transformative. They can be built into the decking itself or added as individual elements, offering a burst of nature’s colours and textures. Choose a variety of plant types, from lush foliage and vibrant flowers to aromatic herbs. The added greenery not only beautifies the deck but also helps merge the structure with the surrounding garden, creating a seamless blend between man-made and natural elements.

Compact Dining Area

Even the smallest deck can accommodate a delightful alfresco dining area. Opt for space-saving furniture such as a bistro set or a foldable table and chairs, which can be stored away when not in use. With some decorative outdoor lighting and a few cosy cushions, you can create a welcoming spot for breakfast in the morning sun or a romantic dinner under the stars.

Decking as a Focal Point

Your deck can become the epicentre of your garden with a standout feature such as a fire pit, water feature, or a piece of garden sculpture. These elements create a social hub, inviting gatherings and conversations, while also adding character and style to your space.

Pergola-Adorned Decking

Adding a pergola over your deck can create a sense of height and sophistication in a small garden. You can adorn the pergola with climbing plants like clematis or roses for a whimsical touch. Alternatively, drape fairy lights across the structure to create a magical and cosy ambience for those long summer evenings.

Mirror Illusion

Incorporating large outdoor mirrors on or near your deck can give the illusion of a larger garden. Mirrors reflect light, making dark corners appear brighter and adding a sense of depth to your space. Whether you opt for modern, minimalist designs or vintage, ornate styles, mirrors can add an unexpected and stylish element to your garden.

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Vertical Decking

To add interest and give your garden a height illusion, consider installing decking boards vertically. This technique lends a contemporary and unique aesthetic to your garden and can create a dramatic backdrop for plant displays or outdoor furniture.

Decking Pathways

For long, narrow gardens, decking pathways interspersed with gravel, stone, or lawn can be an effective design technique. These paths draw the eye through the garden, creating a sense of a larger, more expansive space.

By implementing these decking ideas, your small garden can be transformed into a versatile, inviting area perfect for relaxation, entertainment, or a touch of nature. After all, the size of your garden isn’t what matters most, it’s how creatively and effectively you utilise it. With thoughtfully designed decking, you can turn your compact outdoor area into a stylish and personalised haven.


With Allur, you can create the small garden of your dreams. Check out our range of products and composite decking kits. For more news, check out our blog.  

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