Charcoal Composite Decking

Size3600mm x 148mm x 25mm

Bold and beautiful, our Charcoal decking boards have been designed to give your outdoor setting extra personality and character. It’s striking dark tones make a real statement, all backed up with minimal maintenance and upkeep.

Other colours in the range

Refresh your exterior setting with our Charcoal Composite Decking. Regardless of the shade you select, our decking planks necessitate minimal care or upkeep.

Choosing Charcoal Composite Decking means investing in a decking option that maintains its hue, blends well with numerous colours, and provides a modern touch to your outdoor space. The Charcoal decking, with its enduring shade, can easily play the role of a neutral canvas, accentuating the colourful spectrum of your garden throughout the year. Its darker tones provide a stark, beautiful contrast to your garden’s lighter elements, creating a visually impactful and contemporary outdoor space.

Charcoal decking planks blend well with various colours, maintaining their hue consistently, and ensuring your garden remains appealing at all times. Complete your project with our diverse selection of matching accessories. Coordinating your Charcoal Composite Decking with lighter greys, whites, or even pops of colour like turquoise or yellow, can create a visually pleasing and contemporary outdoor space.

Our Charcoal Composite Decking offers an enduring alternative to traditional wood decking. These planks won’t rot or warp over time and are immune to insect infestation. Each Charcoal decking plank is made from 75 recycled plastic bottles and 6 kg of FSC-certified wood fibres. By selecting Charcoal, you’re choosing a decking solution that helps protect the environment by reducing deforestation and repurposing waste that would otherwise end up in landfills.

If you are unsure of how many boards you need, use our decking calculator to get the exact number of boards you require.

Accessories & Components

All of our composite decking boards are backed up with an extensive range of colour matching accessories to help you complete your project.