Caramel Composite Decking

Size3600mm x 148mm x 25mm

Sweet and stylish, our Caramel composite decking boards combine traditional wood tones with a modern golden hue that will instantly enrich your garden, treat yourself to a durable long-lasting performance that timber cannot match.

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Upgrade your outdoor area with our Caramel Composite Decking. Whichever shade you prefer, our decking planks require minimal maintenance or treatment.

Caramel Composite Decking offers a visually delightful yet durable option for your outdoor space. Its warm hue not only harmonises with various colours but also provides a comforting visual connection to the natural world. The Caramel decking retains its shade, creating a consistently charming garden view through all seasons. Paired with the bright colours of blooming flowers or the lush greenery of your garden, the Caramel decking provides a beautiful, contrasting base, enhancing the overall charm of your outdoor space.

Caramel decking planks harmonise perfectly with a variety of colours, preserving their shade over time, and keeping your garden consistently charming. Embark on your venture with our extensive range of matching accessories. By pairing your Caramel Composite Decking with warmer colours such as terracotta, deep greens, or even off-whites in your outdoor accessories, you can create a cosy and inviting outdoor environment.

Select Caramel Composite Decking for a decking option that’s built to last. It offers resistance to rot and warping, common issues with conventional wood decking and is also impervious to pests. Each of our Caramel decking planks includes 75 recycled plastic bottles and 6 kg of FSC-certified wood fibres. Choosing Caramel for your decking means not only adding a warm, inviting look to your outdoor space but also supporting the environment by reducing deforestation and waste.

Not sure how many decking boards you need? Check out our decking calculator, to see how many boards you will need. 

Balustrade Kits

Designed to perfectly compliment your Allur decking boards, posts and rails help create a more defined area around your decking for a beautiful way to landscape your garden no matter what size you are working with.

They are currently available in two of our most popular pre-treated colour options, Gunmetal and Caramel.

ids allur caramel balustrade cutout
ids allur caramel balustrade

Accessories & Components

All of our composite decking boards are backed up with an extensive range of colour matching accessories to help you complete your project.