Composite Decking Vs Timber Decking

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Looking to upgrade or add a new decking to your garden? There are different types that can work for you and your space. Two of the most popular types of decking options are composite and timber.

However, composite decking is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for homeowners and designers alike. In this blog post, we’ll uncover the benefits of composite decking, including its high durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic versatility.

Is it Easier to Maintain Composite or Timber Decking?

Maintaining timber decking requires much more work than composite decking. Timber Decking needs to be sanded, stained and swept regularly to help avoid any staining or damage. Maintenance required for timber decking does depend on the type of wood used. 

Composite decking requires little to no maintenance. Every once in a while, your composite decking needs to be swept and just a general clean and tidy. The cost of maintenance is much lower compared to the maintenance of timber decking. 

Damage To Deckings

To avoid any damage caused by wood-destroying insects; some timber decking needs to be treated. However, composite decking is not prone to such damage. This is because composite decking boards do not contain material that insects are attracted to, such as cellulose. 

Eventually, wood decking is going to splinter in all weather conditions. However, Allur composite decking is splinter-proof.

Property Value Increase With Decking

According to Enviro Build, adding composite decking to your garden can add up to 5% to the value of your property. This means that spending £2,000 on composite decking can add up to £14,000 to the value of your home which has been valued at £294,000. This is because of how long composite decking can last compared to a timber one. 

A high-quality timber decking will also add value to your property, providing it’s well maintained. Adding timber decking can add at least an 80% return on investment. 

The Life Span of Composite & Timber Decking

The lifespan of composite decking to timber decking is drastically different. If timber decking is maintained properly, wood decking can last up to 10 years. However, with minimal maintenance, composite decking will last a minimum of 25 years. 

Cost of Composite Vs Timber Decking

The cost of materials for timber decking is cheaper than composite decking. On average, timber decking costs around £20-100 per square metre. Whereas composite decking can cost between £35-80 per square metre. 

The average cost per year to maintain timber decking can be £700, whereas maintaining composite decking can cost very little. Typically, all that’s needed is an annual wash with hot soapy water, making it not only cost-effective but also a low-effort solution for keeping your decking looking pristine.

Environmental Impact of Composite Vs Timber Decking

In the last few years, the focus on environmentally friendly products and the environmental impact that they have has become a big focus. Although timber decking is made from natural materials, this could have a bigger impact on the environment than first assumed. 

​​As a manufacturer, we are acutely aware of our environmental responsibilities and are committed to minimising our ecological footprint. Our composite decking is not only a more sustainable alternative to timber decking, but it also reflects our dedication to eco-friendly practices. We meticulously select materials that are both durable and environmentally conscious, ensuring that our decking solutions contribute positively to the environment. By choosing Allur’s composite decking, customers are not just opting for a high-quality, long-lasting product, but also supporting a greener and more sustainable approach to outdoor living spaces.

Each of our 3.6m composite decking boards is made up of 3 KG of recycled plastic & 6 KG of FSC-certified wood fibres. Each board contains the same amount of plastic as 75 recycled plastic bottles

Where Can I Buy Composite Decking?

At Allur, we specialise in composite decking and provide a great alternative to timber decking. Composite decking boards are long-lasting and that timber just can’t match! These moisture, warping and mildew-resistant boards are available in a wide variety of colours that match your garden. 

We stand behind the quality of our products with a 25-year guarantee, ensuring that you can enjoy your garden with peace of mind. Our range of double-sided boards comes in various colours, offering you the choice between wood grain or grooved decking to match your personal style. 

Looking to add composite decking to your garden? Find your nearest supplier by entering your postcode. 


And there you have it: composite vs timber decking. Check out our range of products and transform your garden! Samples are also available to order. Head over to our blog for more news and tips. 


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