Composite Decking Specialists

Delivering an abundance of style, backed up by quality and durability you can rely on. A stunning addition to any garden.

The Long-Lasting Alternative to Timber

Due to the increased durability of composite decking, our boards have a much longer lifespan than timber alternatives, and unlike timber decking which requires regular maintenance and staining, our composite decking boards are very low maintenance and hassle free.

Produced using sustainable materials our boards are not only slip resistant in wet conditions, they are also resistant to rot, damp and insects, as well as offering greater colour stability compared to timber while remaining easy to cut and screw.

A stress free, long lasting alternative to timber, Allur composite decking comes with a 25 year guarantee as standard.

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National Recognition

Featured on Channel 4’s innovative home renovation series, Project Home, Allur composite decking played a crucial role in transforming a home’s outdoor space into an extension of the interior living area. Our product was selected due to its contemporary aesthetics, durability, and eco-friendly qualities. In the debut episode, the show’s hosts used Allur’s on-trend grey decking to create a stylish, chic outdoor living room, seamlessly linked to the interior space. The dramatic transformation not only showcased our product’s exceptional quality but also emphasised its ability to elevate an outdoor space into something truly remarkable and enduring.

Eco-Friendly Decking

Our composite boards look like wood, however they offer ecological sustainability and longevity when compared to standard timber boards.

Made From Sustainable Materials

Each 3.6m board contains 3kg of recycled plastic & 6kg of FSC® certified wood fibre.

Recycling Plastic Bottles

Every 1kg of recycled plastic is equal to 25 1L bottles. Each 3.6m board contains 75 recycled plastic bottles.

Reduces Deforestation

Our composite decking boards use less timber thus decreasing the need to cut down trees.

Avoiding the use of Landfill

Reusing materials like plastic bottles reduces waste going into landfill.

Recyclable Boards

All Allur products can be recycled at local recycling centres.

Helps Reduce Emissions

By using sustainable materials our boards help reduce carbon-dioxide emissions.

Why Choose Composite Boards

Our composite decking provides a long lasting performance that timber can’t match. Produced using sustainable materials our boards are resistant to moisture, mildew and warping, and are available in a wide range of colour options to suit your style.

Easy Installation

Colour Stability

No Treatment Required

Does Not Rot or Warp

Recycled Content

Slip Resistant

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Double-Sided Boards

Insect Proof


Cuts & Screws Easily

Colour Matching Accessories

Low Maintenance